"Save the Brain, Save the Game"

Our goal is to reduce the number of youth concussions in sports! Together we can protect the greatness in every child in America.

How can our team help your team lower concussions?

Our Story


On July 8, 2016, the idea of Helmets to Heal was born. My idea was to start a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization to help multiple football programs in Racine, WI get the necessary equipment to keep the players safe. Unifying a Community!

(cont.) Much like with every team, I knew this could work if we united as one football family. So one month later, through community donations and extensive research, Helmets to Heal purchased 11 Xenith Epic football helmets (2015-2016 NFL Health and Safety Helmet of the Year).  The helmets were donated to Racine Horlick High School in Racine, WI.

Now, almost one later, we have we have raised over $35,000.00, donated 150 Xenith helmets and 250 King-Devick cconcussion tests.  Our #1 goal is to provide youth sports programs with all the knowledge and technology available to prevent a players' first concussion from ever happening. #sackingconcussions

Helmets To Heal, Inc.

                                                                         A Not-For-Profit Corporation

Our Mission


Helmets to Heal is an advocate of safer youth sports by offering families a proactive way to lower the risk of their child suffering a brain injury. With better education, equipment, and real time data, we can create a solution to Save the Brain, and Save the Game.