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Our Partners

Xenith Helmets 

Xenith is a football helmet company, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.  Since 2006, they have been an industry disruptor by pushing the technological envelope.

Why did we choose to work with Xenith? Their helmets are different than any other helmet on the market. Their free floating shell and bonnet system decelerates the head, and they are the only company that could answer that question. To date, Helmets to Heal has donated 150 Xenith football helmets to kids aging from 8 to 18, and haven't recorded a concussion yet. https://www.xenith.com/pages/xenith-technology 



King-Devick Test

The King–Devick (K–D) test is a 2-min, sideline assessment of rapid number naming which requires the athletes to quickly read a series of numbers on three test cards given on a 9.4 inch tablet. The K–D test requires eye movements, language function and attention in order to perform functions which have been shown to reflect suboptimal brain function in concussion. The K–D test has been studied as an acute sideline concussion screening tool in several cohorts throughout a variety of contact sports including boxers and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, collegiate athletes in contact sports, amateur rugby players, elite professional hockey players and high school level football and hockey. In these cohorts, worsening of performance on the K–D test from baseline was shown to be an accurate indicator of concussion. The addition of this type of vision based test has also been shown to enhance the detection of athletes with concussion. 

Our Staff

Kyle Oppenheimer

Executive Director

Kyle is a father of one, and the founder of H2H.  He was a defensive coach at Racine Horlick High School for 5 years. 

C.J Mcdonald

Operations Director

CJ lives in Racine with his wife, and coaches youth basketball. CJ works with the parents and players.

"An advocate for safer youth sports"

John Knuteson

Marketing & business development Director 

John lives in Naples, FL with his wife, Dora.  He works on growing H2H to help as many kids as possible.

Tyler Neuhaus

Social media director

Tyler lives in Sturtevant, WI with his wife, Kayla. He is the Director for Racine Youth Sports, and directs our social media campaigns.

Our Story (cont.)

Unifying a Community!

(cont.) Much like with every team, I knew this could work if we united as one football family. So one month later, through community donations and extensive research, Helmets to Heal purchased 11 Xenith Epic football helmets (2015-2016 NFL Health and Safety Helmet of the Year).  The helmets were donated to Racine Horlick High School in Racine, WI.

Now, almost one later, we have we have raised over $35,000.00, donated 150 Xenith helmets and 250 King-Devick cconcussion tests.  Our #1 goal is to provide youth sports programs with all the knowledge and technology available to prevent a players' first concussion from ever happening. #sackingconcussions

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